Annabel Allum Interview: “Drilling the ears of those that need it.”

annabel allum

New single ‘Rich Backgrounds’ is out now via Killing Moon Records.

Annabel Allum is a woman on a mission. It is a mission to create music that is as fuzzy as it is cathartic, music that explores the past, present, and future. Her latest single ‘Rich Backgrounds’ takes aim at those who are blessed to be born with a silver spoon firmly lodged in their mouths. With a sound that is dripping with confidence, brusqueness, and a sardonic wit, the track is playful but angry with an ear for deft melody. Following on from the more reflective and delicate ‘Tricks’ released last summer, the tracks combined point to a talent of intriguing and arresting promise.

We sat down recently with Annabel to discuss the targets of ‘Rich Backgrounds’, her experiences playing this year’s SXSW festival, and what she has learned from being an outsider.

Overblown: Your new track ‘Rich Backgrounds’ is a bit more musically direct and upbeat. It is a fair assessment? What inspired this slight change?

Annabel Allum: The song as a raw element is very direct, so it felt natural for the instrumentation to be compatible in force. ‘Rich Backgrounds’ is meant to be loud and noisy, I want it drilling in the ears of those that need to hear it.

O: Is the style of ‘Rich Backgrounds’ indicative of your upcoming E.P.?

AA: Perhaps. Each song on the EP has its own presence, and separate theme.

O: The track is pretty lighthearted, but there seems to be a touch of bitterness too. What inspired the song?

AA: Rich kids with bad attitudes. I guess I’m just sick and tired of people getting what they want without trying just because their Daddy has a ton of money to chuck about. Being a young musician without money is hard work. People have no idea how much of music these days is “up and coming” purely because they’ve paid to have that title. So sure, I’m bitter. The state of the industry right now is shit and doesn’t give many less privileged kids a chance.

O: You played a number of shows at SXSW recently. How did those gigs go down?

AA: It was incredible, an actual dream come true. I met some amazing people and connections, and really enjoyed the rush of the festival. SXSW has such a ‘get on with it’ attitude- you don’t get a soundcheck, the majority of stage managers don’t have a clue… and I love that. I love roughing it and I love a challenge. Hope to get back there with my band some day.

O: Considering you only released your debut single in July 2016, does it seem like things are happening very quickly for you?

AA: Yes and no. Everything that’s happening at the moment is because I’ve put every ounce of my energy into it. Life is what you make it.

O: That track was called ‘Tricks’. I think that’s my favourite track you’ve released so far. It could be my overactive imagination but it seems to me that that song is about peer pressure? Is that accurate?

AA: Initially the concept revolves around the inevitability of strength from weakness. People used to pick on me a lot, I had crappy situations growing up, and these phases taught me tricks. Tricks to gain positivity out of being made to feel different. Outsiders kinda have to learn ways to deal with being on the outside.

O: Your fashion style has led to endorsements from Bastian Classics, Cheap Monday and various other indie clothing brands. Do you blag loads of clothes for family and friends? 🙂

AA: Er .. yeah I’ve given some things away but I like to clothe myself first..ha. New clothes are a rarity for me, majority of my wardrobe is second hand so when clothes come through it feels like Christmas!

O: What does the rest of the year hold for Annabel Allum?

AA: Work hard, play hard.

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