Anomie – Anomie EP Review

When you’re on it, you’re on it. Father / Daughter Records have hit a rich vein of form. The Anomie EP by Anomie is their latest release and will soon be followed by Diet Cig’s Over Easy (check our review) and a self titled EP from Never Young (we’ll review it soon). All completely different, all completely brilliant.

Anomie is Rachel Browne, singer and guitarist with NY based Field Mouse (check them out if you like fizzy, shoegaze guitars with loads of melodies thrown in). The Anomie EP features four songs recorded in California where Rachel was taking a short break for therapeutic reasons.

I’m won over after 0.5 seconds of the opening track ‘So Long’ simply due to the heavenly sound of guitar strings being scratched. This song sprints out of the power pop blocks, fast paced and urgent guitars jangling over a bouncing bass line and great vocals. It sounds like Belly with boxing gloves on ready to rumble.

‘Of You’ brings the pace back down to earth and is a nice slice of 90’s alt-pop, still jangling but with a hint of desperation added to the vocals this time around, particularly during the repeated refrain “It’s You, It’s You”. At a minute and a half it doesn’t stick around long enough. Shorter still is ‘Overnight’, a simple, gorgeous and heartbreaking track clocking in at under a minute. The building melancholy leads to ‘Funny How’ which closes this EP with a strong sense of yearning. Gentle fuzzy guitars prop up a pleading vocal which seems a little louder in the mix than elsewhere on the record.

The song titles, lyrics (often difficult to make out) and the therapeutic Californian retreat suggest this is a break-up EP. The mood deteriorates from Summer to Winter across the four tracks, the opposite of what you’d hope for when getting over heartache. Any meanings aside it’s just a great record. Very easily accessible, straight out of a 90’s high school movie, good fun for the most part and well worth a small amount of your £’s & $’s.

The Anomie EP is released on 10th Feb – get it here

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