New Music: Arndales New Album SHOPS

Arndales have announced details of their forthcoming new album SHOPS on In The Red Records and have shared the opening track ‘Prestige Pricing’. The band consist of members of various other bands such as Country Teasers, Art Brut and Collapsed Lung so you know there’s going to be no shortage of ideas flowing through these guys. The record is inspired by the world of retail jargon, the kind of bullshit that everyone becomes so familiar with it’s easy to forget it’s bullshit.

We’ve sneaked a few listens to the new record and have no hesitation in telling you it’s absolutely bursting at the seams with brilliant, angry, forceful rock music. ‘Prestige Pricing’ shared above just sounds filthy, the aggression in the guitars and disdain in the vocals boil up into a seething, blistering burst of glorious disgust. It’s certainly not a one off either, every track on the album is a defiant winner. If you love corrosive punk rock you’ve found you’re new favourite band. If you already loved Arndales then you’re in for a real treat. Fingers crossed they can find time together for some shows this year on the back of this record.

SHOPS by Arndales is available for pre-order through In The Red Records here. Don’t snooze if you’d like a copy on silver / gold vinyl, first come, first served.

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