Attic Abasement Share Video For ‘Guarantee Jesus’

New Album Dream News  Out Now Via Father/Daughter Records.

Music videos used to be such an important part of both the creative process and marketing of an upcoming album release. It seems silly but literally millions were spent on them. If memory serves Guns ‘N’ Roses spent a mighty $4 million on their video for ‘Estranged’ in 1993. And that’s not even the most expensive one ever made. That honour lies with the Micheal Jackson/Janet Jackson duet ‘Scream’.

They were grandiose, bombastic, and largely vapid affairs though. The same cannot be said for Attic Abasement’s new video for ‘Guarantee Jesus’, the opening track on their most recent record Dream News. The sepia toned companion piece is all about lost dreams and faded glory as a former basketball star attempts to recreate former glories. It perfectly complements the track which is a lo-fi alt country gem replete with cracked, heart-broken vocals and wonderfully off the cuff guitar solos. Watch the video above.

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