Austra: Electrocumbia + Beyond from Latin America | Guestlist


Katie Stelmanis of Canadian electronic music project Austra picks nine of her favourite electrocumbia tracks. Austra’s new album Future Politics is out now via Domino Records.

Catch Austra on tour:

March 6 | Uebel & Gefährlich | Hamburg, Germany
March 7 | NIEBO | Warsaw, Poland
March 8 | Astra | Berlin, Germany
March 9 | Muffatwerk (Ampere) | Munich, Germany
March 10 | Conne Island | Leipzig, Germany
March 11 | Posthof | Linz, Austria
March 12 | WUK | Vienna, Austria
March 15 | Biko Club | Milan, Italy
March 16 | Les Docks | Lausanne, Switzerland
March 17 | Dampfzentrale | Bern, Switzerland
March 18 | Gloria Theater | Cologne, Germany
March 21 | Patterns | Brighton, UK
March 22 | Village Underground (Convergence) | London, UK
March 23 | Summerhall | Edinburgh, UK
March 24 | Deaf Institute | Manchester, UK
March 25 | The Button Factory | Dublin, Ireland

1. Chancha Via Circuito : Cumbion de las Aves

My friend played me Chancha Via Circuito in a taxi in Mexico and I immediately fell in love. Like a lot of the artists on this list he mixes a lot of indigenous Latin music with modern beats and makes slow and ethereal club music unlike anything anyone is making in western Europe.

2. King Koya : Villa Donde

I call my friend Natalia in Mexico my cumbia guru because she introduced me to the genre and keeps sending me tracks. This was one of them, its from this guy king Koya on ZZK.

3. Nicola Cruz – Sendero

I literally play this song on repeat for hours and force everyone around me to listen to it on repeat too. Its such a gorgeous, meditative track and the drop in the middle is pretty glorious.

4. Tahres one – Entre recuerdos

I saw this guy DJ at a club in Mexico City and was blown away by his set. I was asking my friends who he was and they were telling me about producers using Latin folk music in their tracks so this was really my first introduction to the genre, I looked him up the next day and bought all his tracks off bandcamp.

5. Kumbia Queers – Celosa

Like all other electronic music genres electrocumbia is dominated by men. But then you have Kumbia Queers, who have been subverting the system throughout Latin America for the better part of this decade.

6. Lido Pimienta – Agua

Lido is a Colombian living in Toronto. I met her because she came to a cumbia party I threw in the city and when I was playing chancha via circuito she ran up to me and was like “that’s my friend!“ we’ve been friends ever since and her music is insanely amazing.

7. Ela Minus – Kiddo

I met Ela Minus through Lido Pimienta. She is also Colombian but living in New York. She makes her own synthesizers and is a crazy talented producer, this is my favourtie track of hers.

8. Barrio Lindo – Calina

I found this guy by searching YouTube for more tracks and I really like it!

9. El Buho – Cumbia de las Cosas Extrañas

Discovered though Chancha via circuito. This track is quite epic, I think it would work really well on a dance floor.

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