Bad Breeding Share New Video For ‘Corrupting Fist’

UK Tour April/May.

Stevenage punks Bad Breeding are badly needed in 2016. In a punk world that seems to deal mainly in identity politics, it is refreshing to hear a punk band that is making a more wide reaching message. They told us all about how they feel about modern British politics and the duty of their generation to fight against political apathy when we interviewed them last year. With the recent leak of the Panama Papers, the return of the four piece could not have come at a more vital time. Their new track ‘Corrupting Fist’ seems to explore the corruption that seems inherent with any sort of power.

“The idea sprung from attempting to find ways of approaching certain formalities that were cropping up at the fag end of last year; us trying to shift the weight of increasingly bleak prospects served up by proposed changes in government policy, inhumane responses to what’s developing in Europe and further east, as well as the deepening impact of social and political injustices prevalent back home,” front-man Christopher Dodd says of the new track. “There’s a sense of despondent acceptance in the early stages of the song and that was an attempt to hint at the impact of blame culture and that idea of immovable resignation that comes from feeling disenfranchised. The latter stages are more about finding your feet and offering some sort of resistance to the rank shite we’re forced to trudge through. Lyrically, it’s a bit of a coiled investigation of my mindset and outlook at the moment – something that flutters between being damagingly negative and naively hopeful.”

Watch the video above or listen to the track below. Upcoming UK tour dates below the link.


29/04/2016 – Bad Breeding – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
30/04/2016 – Bad Breeding, Flesh and more – Blade Factory, Liverpool
01/05/2016 – Bad Breeding @ Stag and Dagger – Broadcast, Glasgow
02/05/2016 – Bad Breeding – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
03/05/2016 – Bad Breeding – Prince Albert, Brighton
04/05/2016 – Bad Breeding – Old Blue Last, London
05/05/2016 – Bad Breeding – Purple Turtle, Reading
06/05/2016 – Bad Breeding – Crofters Rights, Bristol

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