Bad Fit Interview: “Finding your own place to be yourself”

Bad Fit
Photo by Ciara McMullan.

New single ‘In The City’ is out today, 10th February.

For us there are three essential components to the sound of Belfast guitar pop quartet Bad Fit. First of all, their songs can’t help but be pretty. Melodies swirl and sway, chords change from minor to major at just the precisely perfect time, and everything is played with a calmness that is simply gorgeous. Secondly, there’s the fact that despite the inherent prettiness of the music, there is an underlying mournfulness that is wonderfully endearing. It’s like seeing a friend who is smiling, but you know they’re not actually happy under it all. Finally, it is all about their harmonies. Their perfect harmonies add an extra dimension and emotion to the music without the addition sounding trite or tacked on.

We spoke to the band ahead of the release of their new single ‘In The City’ about their plans for an upcoming EP, the Belfast music scene, and their love of long running sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Overblown: Your new single ‘In The City’ is out on Friday. For me, the song has a real late night, solitary vibe. Also, I really love the gentle mournfulness of the vocals. I read that it is about the ups and downs of dating in the digital age. What, for you, are those ups and downs?

Grace: I wrote the lyrics back in 2015 when I was single and Tinder was a thing. I was getting a bit fed up with the repetition of matching with randomers and finding you really had nothing in common. There wasn’t any substance to it. Not that there’s nothing valuable about online dating or social media when it comes to meeting people – it’s just a bit soulless sometimes.

O: I think the video, with clips of big cities and the Earth, really complements the song perfectly. To adds to the sense of loneliness that is imbued in the song. Who created the video and where did the concept come from?

Grace: Thanks! It took a while to come up with a video for this. The song was ready to go about three or four months ago but coming up with an actual concept for the video held it back! I got really into the Bon Iver lyric videos that he released with his latest album, and also saw a lot of VCR inspired artwork coming up on my Instagram feed. There’s a running joke in the band about earth being “full” so the video riffs on that a little. It’s about getting away from the world and finding your own space to be yourself.

O: ‘In The City’ is the second track you have released. The other being ‘Strong Forever’. Is there plans in place for an EP or LP at this stage?

Grace: Yeah the next thing in the pipeline for us is to release an EP before the summer. We’re putting the finishing touches on some songs at the moment.

O: You have a gig coming up with Sister Ghost, Hot Cops, and Michael Mormecha. The quality of bands on the bill really shows the strength of the music coming out of Northern Ireland at the moment. Do you have the feeling that the scene is in good health?

Danny: I suppose the Output Showcase is kinda like the scene saying ‘here’s what we got going on, what you saying to it’

Grace: I’m pretty psyched at the growing number of women musicians gaining visibility. It’s not quite on parity with the guys, but it’s getting there. The past ten years or so in Northern Ireland has been a bit of a sausage fest if I’m honest and I’m glad to see it changing!

O: In December, you played live on Across the Line on BBC Radio Ulster. You played stripped down versions of ‘Strong Forever’ and ‘Far From Here’. Was that a bit nerve wracking?

Danny: Terrifying. I can barely play the guitar, let alone play it live on a radio with nothing to disguise the mistakes. Also it was early and we’d yet to have a drink which is tough.

Grace: Danny had a great guitar tone for that session. I loved the chance to sing three part harmonies – the stripped back instrumentation really allowed us to show off our sick harms.

Megan: Kinda! It meant the harmonies had to be tight af. It took performing without an instrument for me to realise I don’t know the lyrics lmao. But we still smashed it.

O: Your songs feature a lot of quite beautiful harmonies. It’s perhaps not a typical feature of many guitar based bands. Was this something that came naturally to the band or was it more planned than that?

Danny: I think I just wanted to try to write the most devastating pop songs I could. Grace and I agreed really early on that we’d be doing it with guitars. We love piano/keyboards and everything else but we’re definitely a guitar band.

Grace: My favourite thing is singing harmonies and I feel really lucky that the rest of the band dig it too. When we’re recording vocals it’s almost like a competition to see how many we can stack on top of each other!

Megan: We even harmonise our farts.

O:On your Facebook I see that you are fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! So are we. What’s your favourite episode?

Danny: I’ll go with the gang buy a boat. I would be Dennis in that episode.

Grace: That’s a tough one. I can’t decide between The Gang Goes to The Jersey Shore and The Gang Beats Boggs!

Megan: The one where Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs. Absolute chaos. The exact thing happened to me when I lived on the Ravenhill Road.

Pando: I don’t remember episodes but that new one at the waterpark was good.

O: I also saw on a picture of you all out playing bingo. Is that a typical band night out?

Megan: No because we are too busy banging and doing jays.

Grace: I love bingo but I don’t think the guys liked it as much as me. We just realised it’s BYOB so next time we’ll be more prepared.

Danny: A typical night out is cans of Stella in rehearsal room, play some songs, run out of beer, go to bar, drink more, stay out far too late for a Wednesday, get up for work real early and say you’re never, ever doing that again.

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