Bailer Interview: “Hopefully, this is only the start of it.”

Self-titled EP out now.

Bailer is an excellent name for a metallic hardcore outfit. It conjures images of frantic panic and urgency. Which is a halfway decent way to describe the music of this Cork-based quartet. Unrelenting and furious, their music continues to build in confidence and defiance. Their recent self-titled EP is testament to this with its invigorating focus on noise and melody.

Ahead of the group’s appearance at Cosmonaut’s 1st birthday party this weekend, we spoke to the group about the Irish music scene, touring Russia, and collaboration.

Overblown: You’ve just released your latest EP. It is self-titled and, in my opinion, it is somehow heavier and yet more melodic than your previous work. Was more melody a goal for this release? Why?

Alex: I think we first came into writing this EP with the intention of laying down gnarly heavy riffs and the more melodic parts just flowed out while we were jamming. For example, ‘Long Gone’ came together with Sean and Chris just jamming for the craic and whilst reviewing some footage we were like “that’s banging!”. I think this is something we are gonna try to incorporate more in future, its super fun and refreshing to play live too.

Overblown: Lots of guests on this one! Why?

Alex: I was always a big fan of each featured vocalist on this record. I think while we were in the process of getting out there we just wanted to bang tunes out whereas on this release we had more to play around with. Xander has been a mate of mine since early days in school, I’ve always been a massive fan of Zoax, Chris also went to school with Adam, and Red Enemy were the first heavy band I saw in Ireland at the age of 12. Blew my mind and I’ve been a super fan ever since so Lefty had to be on this record.

Overblown: How was the Russian tour? Any stories?

Chris: One of the best and craziest experiences of my life. The crowds were wild and so appreciative of us coming to play for them. An auld lad that looked like Lenin picked me up and tried to throw me over a bar one night haha. Our buddy Ro had multiple arm wrestling competitions with members of a biker club and I crowd surfed and threw devil horns more than ever before in my life.

Dave: That same night in the biker club we were followed around by a former mechanic from the Soviet army in the 80’s and he kept talking to us even though we tried to tell him we couldn’t understand a word. We eventually had it translated and it turns out he wanted us to come back to his house for drinks and to shoot guns! Only in Russia.

Hard machine biker club, Glasov, Russia, with Daniel, the owner of the club.

Overblown: You’re playing the Cosmonaut Birthday Party this week. Is Cormac Daly the coolest Irishman who ever lived?

Chris: Yes! Not only that, he is also one of the hardest working and best local music promoters I’ve seen in a long time. He has booked an incredible line-up for Saturday so this will be quite the party and a great way for us to officially launch our new EP in our hometown. See you all at 6 pm on Saturday!

Overblown: The Irish music scene is really coming alive over the last few years. Why do you think that is?

Alex: Yeah it really is booming right now. It’s very hard to say why it happened all of a sudden though. It seems that 4 years ago the scene really felt dead, few gigs here and there but no love being put into it. Now with the likes of Cosmonaut, Feast, Venture, Pyre, Overblown and many more putting the work in for bands to showcase their talent, it’s awesome. Hopefully, this is only the start of it.

Overblown: Do you think that everyone who loves music in Cork should pool our resources and re-open An Cruiscin Lan?

Alex: Haha, oh man. We have dreamt of that day ever since the doors closed. The Cruiscin was amazing and nothing in Cork has quite scratched the surface of what it achieved.

Overblown: You guys seem to have been doing loads recently. Tours, magazine features. Loads of things. How are you pulling it all off?

Chris: Honestly, we never stop working on this band. We knew we had the Russian tour coming up for quite a while, and after recording the new EP back in September we decided to do everything we could to drop the EP beforehand. I think between the work we put into developing our live show, the care we put into writing new songs and all the background businessy crap that goes along with it, it’s really paying off now and people are taking notice. It’s a good feeling and we have no intentions of slowing down any time soon.

Overblown: Should Cork become an independent nation?

Alex: Not a hope. Cork may have exploded recently but it’s only a matter of time before the other counties get there too. Some great bands out there. Plus our country is too small as it is, we need to be more inclusive as a nation.

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