Baker Island – ‘Four Days In The Life Of The Auto-Icon’ – EP Review

baker island four days in the auto icon review

New cassette EP Four Days In The Life Of The Auto-Icon is released via Wiener Records on 18th January 2016.

Four Days In The Life Of The Auto-Icon is an out of body experience.  Each track is a ball of energy, the record itself jolting the listener into a world of anarchy.  The songs have been described as ‘semi-spontaneous’ which is evident from the first listen – the EP sounds live in the sense that they could be standing behind you in your bedroom, shouting in your ear.

‘Write Home’ is a good first song.  It sets your expectations where they should be for the coming tracks: you can’t expect meaning.  You can’t expect discernible lyrics.  What you can expect is chaos, and if that’s not what you’re into you know where the door is.

This is further confirmed by ‘Always, 1995’ which sees the band claim, ‘There’s only one thing we want’.  I don’t imagine that one thing is a quiet night in watching the telly, but then we’re all different.

‘Confessionary Ticket’ is the track I’d play if I got monumentally off my head and was in need of some kind of soundtrack to illustrate this.  This isn’t an EP to sit around and navel gaze to, and neither is it a record you can discuss in terms of ‘this is about…’  That’s just the way it is, and maybe that’s the best thing to shake you out of your musical rut (a New Year’s resolution in the making?)

The tirade closes with ‘Allotment’ which, if anything, adds to the wall of noise and descends into inevitable frenzy.  You couldn’t call it an angry song, because it doesn’t take itself that seriously.  As a listener we develop this habit of throwing emotions at music to see what will stick, but these tracks are taking the piss out of your emotion.

This is a band with a sense of humour.  Baker Island truly want you to know that whether you buy this record or not, they don’t care – they will keep on doing their thing.  They don’t need your validation, which to me, is all the more reason to buy this record.

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