Band of the Day #4: Grieving

grieving band of the day

Debut EP Demonstrations  Out July 19th.

Who: Not sure at this point. Four lads from Cambridge. Anyone know their names?

What: Post-Hardcore (FFO: Fugazi, At The Drive-In, Frank Turner)

Where: Cambridge, UK

When: Very damn recently. Grieving are an unsigned post hardcore band that formed late last year and only played their first gigs in the last few months. In that time they’ve also released four tracks: “No Sleep”, “Ownership“, “My Friend, The Ghost” and “Little Armoured” (streaming above). The group have a couple of gigs coming up with Goldblume, Gutters @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge on July 30th and with Young Legionnaire, USA Nails @ The Lexington, London on August 4th.

Why: Because they kind of sound like Fugazi being fronted by Frank Turner, that’s why. See “My Friend, The Ghost” for evidence. Their work so far has marked the band as capable of mixing the angularity/intensity of post hardcore with a fist in the air, brothers in arms alternative rock vibe that marks them off as a band that are both familiar and somewhat new all at once. We like the fact that they are not afraid of using their natural, regional accents instead of adopting a faux American drawl. Latest single “Little Armoured” sees the group mix a The Argument era Fugazi riff with a soaring denouement reminiscent of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Good times all round.

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