Band of the Day #5: BirdPen

band of the day birdpen

New Single ‘The Chairman’ Out 29th July Via J.A.R. Records.

Who: Mike Bird, Dave Pen.

What: Krautrock (FFO: Can, BEAK>, Holy F*ck)

Where: Southampton, UK

When: BirdPen have been on the go for a while. Some years at least. Their upcoming fourth album O’ Mighty Vision is out on 26 August. The duo took it upon themselves to write, record, and produce all three of their albums, the success of which has taken them all over Europe. They’re also big on DIY as they self released a raft of EPs at the beginning of their career and self financed most of their third album with the final stages being funded with Pledge music

Why: ‘The Chairman’ alone is reason enough got the duo to be band of the day. Beginning with a minimal Sleaford Mods esque beat, the track drives forward critiquing the elite who exist in decadence while the rest of us plod from day to day. This is a far more melodic effort though that the Sleaford Mods, as the track peaks in a controlled zenith that recalls Radiohead’s more electronic excursions. Listen. Then press repeat.

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