Band Of The Day: Bad Fit

bad fit

Debut Single ‘Strong Forever’ Out Now.

Who: Grace Loughrey, Danny McConaghie, Pando and Megan O’Kane.

What: Indie Pop Rock (FFO: Alvvays, Best Coast, C86)

Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When: Getting together last year, these all hail from the north coast of Northern Ireland. Apparently they bonded over a mutual love for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and early 00’s sad boy punk. Their debut single ‘Strong Forever’, streaming above and recorded on Rathlin Island off the coast of Antrim, finds the band exploring a pop rock sound reminiscent of Alvvays and NME’s legendary C86 compilation rather than the band members’ various histories in hardcore (Lantern for a Gale), punk (Vanilla Gloom), pop (The Salt Flats) and rap (Bee Mick See).

Why: The guitars are fuzzy with a hint of jangle, the melody is bouncy and memorable, and Grace Loughrey’s vocals are fairly exquisite. The track sounds so wonderfully effortless in that kind of way that is really, ironically, quite hard to pull off. The song also sports a deft use of dynamics that enables the song to carry an emotional heft without having to beat the listener across the head and face with heavy handed and over wrought emoting.

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