Band of the Day #6: G.L.O.S.S.

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Debut EP Trans Day Of Revenge  Out Now Via Total Negativity/Nervous Nelly.

Who: Corey, Julaya, Sadie, Tannrr, Jake.

What: Harcore Punk (FFO: Black Flag, Dead Kennedys)

Where: Olympia, Washington

When: G.L.O.S.S. (aka Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit) eschew the majority of online social media platforms and so that makes it a little difficult to track down details about the band. I can tell you they’re based in Olympia, released a demo in January 2015 and have just released their debut EP Trans Day of Revenge. I know that Sadie and Jake are old friends and grew up going to hardcore shows in Boston. Sadie met Julaya in a strip mall parking lot. She learned bass so she could be in the band. She also invited drummer Corey to join the group. Finally, Tannrr is the guitarist and a friend of Sadie’s who also plays in queercore band Slouch.

Why: Essentially because they are so brazen and unafraid.  They play break neck hardcore punk that delves into trans and queer experiences with absolutely brutal honesty. Here’s a sample from the title track of their debut EP, “Remember those / Dead and gone / But don’t let the media set us up for harm / HRC, selfish fucks / Yuppie gays threw us under the bus”. Essentially, no punches are pulled and they rock hard.

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