Band of the Day #7: Big Thief

band of the day big thief

Debut LP Masterpiece  Out Now Via Saddle Creek.

Who: Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek, James Krivchenia, Max Oleartchik.

What: Folk Rock (FFO: Courtney Barnett, R.E.M.)

Where: Brooklyn, New York

When: Adrienne Lenker is originally from Minnesota and previously released a solo folk album titled Hours Were The Birds in 2014. After that she met Buck Meek, a country loving Texan guitarist. They worked as a duo and released two albums a-sides and b-sides that same year. From there Lenker claims she was not looking to form a band but it just sort of happened. Max Oleartchik, a jazz player from Tel Aviv, and drummer James Krivchenia round out the quartet.

Why: Absolutely central to Big Thief’s appeal is the wonderfully delicate and personal song writing of vocalist Adrianne Lenker. Her songs all seem to unfold at a luxurious, but never tedious, pace, drawing the listener in with evocative (“This place smells like piss and beer”), deeply personal lyrics (“I just realised there was no one who could kiss away my shit”) combined with a talent for a hook that borders on the supernatural. Her surrounding band then takes these personal tales and elevates them through their grungey bar band shtick, replete with a huge drum sound and earthy feedback laden guitar lines, to a place where vulnerable anthems seem like a perfectly logical thing. Wonderful.

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