Band of the Day #8: Junk Drawer

band of the day junk drawer

Upcoming EP For The Cult Fat Guy  Out Autumn 2016.

Who: Brian Coney, Stevie Lennox, R Jake Lennox, Rory Dee.

What: Indie/Alternative Rock (FFO: Sebadoh, Pavement, Superchunk)

Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When: Just over a year ago these lads released the two track EP Their Self-Loathing Debut (Mostly). This autumn they’ll be releasing a new EP called For The Cult Fat Guy. There’s four of them in the band. That’s pretty much all the info I’ve got. Oh, yeah! They’re debuting a new track called ‘Do You Ever Think About Existence, Adrian?’ on Stephen McCauley’s Electric Mainline show on BBC Radio Foyle next Thursday, July 21. The show starts at 7pm.

Why: They play noisy lo-fi alternative rock and, judging by the names of their EPs, have a decent sense of humour. Their most recent track, ‘Song 3’, has a delightfully leisurely mid tempo pace, roughly hewn fuzzy guitars, and a vocal performance reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore in that it’s not really in tune or out of tune.

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