Baseball Gregg – ‘On A Bus’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

New Album Vacation  Out Now Via La Barberia Records.

What kind of name is Baseball Gregg? Sounds like a nickname to Overblown. Something like ‘Fun Bobby’ or ‘Gorgeous George’ or ‘Mickey Dodge’. Regardless, it is the moniker of a transatlantic DIY pop duo who hail from Bologna in Italy and Stockton in California respectively. We’re pretty damn pleased to premiere the video for their track ‘On The Bus’, which like The Replacements classic ‘Kiss Me On The Bus’, celebrates a young and perhaps ill advised love. The track is pretty much completely different in every other aspect. ‘On The Bus’ is much more of a bouncy and pleasant distraction than its alternative rock counterpart. The bass pops, the drums ricochet, while the guitar is all major notes and sports a summery flange. Meanwhile the singer nonchalantly recalls the story of meeting a girl on the bus. It’s perhaps autobiographical. Isn’t everything?

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