Bathonian Shoegazers Charivari Share Nightmarish New Single ‘Aphotic’

When you mention the city of Bath to someone the first thing that would probably come to their mind is not anything music related at all, and if that were to be the case you’d probably get an answer of Tears For Fears, Propellerheads, or The Heavy. Maybe Bite The Buffalo at a push. But Bath is a city teeming with amazing bands all doing exciting things, and one such band is Charivari.

Charivari describe themselves as a Noise Rock band, but perhaps more accurately speaking (and potentially to their chagrin) their music is Shoegaze, as it evokes an atmosphere that is remarkably similar to bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. They’ve been on the scene for quite a few years now, albeit with a few lineup changes along the way, but have currently settled into Gary Say on guitar and vocals, Ben Thomas on guitar, and Rick Jones on drums, up until recently Richard Mogie on bass.

The band were working on an album last year which they have completed, but decided to sit on the material for a bit. They have finally divulged in some of it though with this new single entitled ‘Aphotic’. For this track they’ve opted for a more Post-Punk approach akin to ‘You Made Me Realise’-era My Bloody Valentine, with it’s hazy and noisy guitars, driving bass, and intense drumming, but unlike the aforementioned MBV, Charivari have opted for a much darker and more nightmarish take on a genre. It’s certainly an intense listening experience when compared to most Shoegaze bands.

It’s also accompanied by a music video directed by Samuel Morgan Tyghe which perfectly sums up Charivari’s sound on this single, choosing to go with some haunting imagery that evokes the German Expressionism of the 1920s. Charivari are certainly a band to keep an eye on when their album comes out.

You can keep up with them over on Facebook.