Batteries (Sci Fi Steven Of Bis) Announces Debut LP, Shares Track

Self-Titled Debut Out August 7th

Batteries is the debut solo project of Sci Fi Steven (Clark) of legendary Scottish disco punks bis. The first track to be gleaned from the record is the title track, and it is a jittery blast of new wave except with lots and lots of guitars. The whole enterprise is full of more energy than Tony Montana on a visit to Colombia, and quickly jumps from musical idea to musical idea like a child with ADD in a music shop. In short, there are plenty of poptastic melodies here for fans of bis, but all in all Batteries is far rougher around the edges. We’ve been lucky enough at Overblown to hear a couple of tracks from the album, and they’re damn fine, people. Stay tuned.

The album seems to have a dystopian flavour, as demonstrated in the title track, which deals with, “the constant struggle to remain a cognisant, productive member of society while fending off the desire to switch off for an easier existence.”

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