Batteries Share New Single ‘Pankhurst’

batteries pankhurst

Forthcoming Album The Finishing Line  Out August 5 Via Do Yourself In.

At various times recalling Graham Coxon, Queens of the Stone Age, and Devo, ‘Pankhurst’, the latest track from Batteries (aka Sci Fi Steven from disco/punk legends bis), is an idiosyncratic schizophrenic amalgamation that is about ten million miles from Steven’s poppier roots in bis. He’s bound to play this one during his debut London headline show at The Islington on 17 September. That’s not to be missed.

The Finishing Line, the second album from Batteries, is set to be released on August 5th via Do Yourself In. If ‘Pankhurst’ and previous single ‘The Fall-In-Love Club’ are any indication, the album should be a short blast of jittery, slightly awkward, and melodic synth punk. This angularity of the riffs lend the music a sense that the entire endeavour is about to fly out of control. In the end, however, it simply illustrates Steven’s rather unique muscial vision.

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