Batteries Share Videos for ‘Wah! Kinder’ And ‘Anorexia Poster Girls’

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Wah! Kinder + Anorexia Poster Girls  EP Out Now.

Sci Fi Steven of Scottish indie/electro trio bis, released the latest EP from his oddball electro punk side project Batteries yesterday and it is great craic. The EP features a new exclusive Radio Version of ‘Wah Kinder!’, as well as remixes by Glitterous and Koishii & Hush + Ric Scott.

Digital EP – Track Listing:

01. Wah! Kinder (Radio Version)
02. Anorexia Poster Girls
03. Wah! Kinder (Glitterous Remix)
04. Wah! Kinder (Koishii & Hush vs. Ric Scott Remix)

This is what Steven had to say about both songs:

“Wah! Kinder” is a semi-autobiographical tale of trying to stay in touch from the peripheries and the fear of being replaced and rendered obsolete. It’s an ode to conversations where one side dishes out a list of current cultural references and instead of admitting ignorance, the other side feigns active knowledge – really the lyrics are a list of imagined bands, record labels and venues. It’s designed to encapsulate the desperate need to stay relevant.

“Anorexia Poster Girls” was written in about five minutes after I mistakenly opened up a copy of “Heat” magazine which was lying about at work. It’s a fairly blunt dismissal of the over-arching influence of the media on vulnerable female health, not a belittling of those suffering the affliction. It’s a societal disease, created by modern, pointless pressures – surely we all aspire to be “healthy” but this addiction almost seems encouraged in the mainstream.

Watch the videos for ‘Wah Kinder’ and ‘Anorexia Poster Girls’ below:

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