Batteries Shares Video for ‘Pigs’

As descriptions for songs go one of the most apt we’ve read describes the new Batteries release ‘Pigs’ as “An unhinged, visceral Synth-Punk modern nightmare that sucks the blood of of XTC and Devo and mutates into a metallic, pronky animal with no respect for time-signatures and rock tradition.” Have a listen and a watch of the video and don’t even think of telling us you disagree.

Batteries - Pigs

‘Pigs’ is taken from the forthcoming album The Finishing Line which will be released on the 5th August. We’ve had many a listen to this album, not because we’re special, simply because we were savvy enough to buy the vinyl release back on Record Store Day. It takes the style and substance of Batteries self-titled debut album and piles on the volume. It’s a heavy, sharp and altogether thrilling record that sounds like an electrical storm battering the air out of a sunny day.

We’ve been lucky enough to be among the few to see the Batteries live show (ok, this time we’ll admit we are special) and can confirm it lives up to the frenetic pace of the records. Luckily you’ll soon have the chance to join in the fun with release shows taking place in Glasgow and London. No doubt there’ll be more to follow.

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Catch Batteries live at Stereo, Glasgow on 19th August and The Islington, London on 17th September

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