Beach: 5 Things That Inspired ‘Bram Toker’


‘Bram Toker’ is out now.

We have been assured by the five members of Dublin psychedelic rock group Beach that their latest single ‘Bram Toker’ is not about a weed smoking vampire. Still, we like to think it is.

The band’s latest track is however a sly and slithering psychedelic number that possesses its fair share of Eastern melodies and atmosphere. A seductively hypnotic creation, it worms and sways its way through its four and a half minute running time layering delay drenched guitars over dancey drums that all hinge on the spacey, disconnected vocals.

Curious, we asked the band what inspired such a sultry and dark number. They duly obliged us. Because they’re lovely chaps really.

1. Vampires

This song is not about vampires. However Simon [the synth player] happens to be a vampire. You may notice his absence from the upcoming Bram Toker video which was shot during the day time.. Suspicious? You should be.

2. Listening

We were listening to a lot of SUUNS and that definitely influenced the relentlessness of the Sub Bass while we were producing Bram. Our friend Wastefellow produced the track, we approached him because we were really into the production he did on his track ‘Wonder’.

3. Confidence

Maybe we have been listening to too much hippity hoppity music because we are all very confident in the way we write music together. We’ve been a band for a while now and know what we are about, you can hear that more than ever on Bram.

Cocky dopes

4. Fight the man… maaan

I think a lot of people are ill prepared for how shit life is or rather how shit life can be. It’s nice to think that you can step away from constraints imposed by small minded dogmatists and create a world for yourself where you can truly be yourself. Bram is a call to arms to overthrow conformity and seek spiritual fulfilment.

5. Separate hotel rooms

Everyone in Beach has a strong opinion on most subjects. This is tiring and leads to a lot of conflict. Bram was recorded and produced during a time of great uncertainty for the band and that tension has definitely spilled onto the track.

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