Beach Interview: “We want to be the next Justin Bieber”

beach interview

New single ‘Ono Noh’ is out now.

In terms of the current wave of very excellent Irish alternative rock music, Dublin’s Beach meld a rather delightful mixture of psychedelia, electronica, along with a healthy dose of swaggering slackerdom. On record, their music has a creepy and trippy atmosphere that is growing with confidence and ability from each track to the next. Live, they are a bruising and evocative life experience, with captivating visuals accompanying their trance-like jams.

After their epic performance at Hard Working Class Heroes 2016, we had a chance to chat with the band about their most recent track ‘Ono Noh’, their desire to draw attention to issues of mental health in Ireland, and, finally, to follow in the steps of one Justin Bieber!

Overblown: You just released a new track called ‘Ono Noh’. It’s quite a change from previous single ‘Donuts’. Could you tell us what the title means and what inspired the track?

Beach: For us, ‘Donuts ‘and ‘Ono Noh’ are two sides of the one coin. Both deal with existential themes. Both float in and out of reality. ‘Donuts’ is more visceral and challenges the physical reality; it’s about a time when Dave (Barrett, vocals) thought he had died. ‘Ono Noh’ is more restrained and deals with internal anguish and how your own mind can trick and evade you, similarly dealing with the problem: where does reality begin? But from the inside out this time.

The name is a play on words. It’s just about the sense of panic in the chorus where it feels like ‘ Oh Fuck!! ‘or ‘Oh No No! ‘ The spelling was inspired by ‘Noh’ theatre in japan which is a traditional style of theatre where the performers wear masks and the play follows set guidelines . These restrictions reminded us of the purposely restrained and uncomfortable vibe of ‘Ono Noh’.

O: What was your reaction to the Girl Band comparisons that accompanied the release of ‘Donuts’?

B: Frankly, it pissed us off a little bit. We love Girl Band but we would never try to sound like them or anyone else for that matter. People are entitled to think whatever they want but there was a nasty undertone to some of those comments where people implied that we were jumping on a band-wagon which we couldn’t understand. We are just being ourselves.

Sounds like Girl Band to people who don’t really listen to Girl Band…. or Beach for that matter.

O: You also have a new track, ‘Bram Toker’, being released in the coming weeks. Tell us a bit about that song.

B: ‘Bram Toker’ is a song to shake ya booty to! We like it. Toker is a braggadocio. We think he might be Kanye’s alter ego.

O: Any plans for an EP or LP in the future?

B: Yeah we hope to do an EP next year and get some vinyl… wait.. **and get some pink vinyl!!

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O: You recently played Hard Working Class Heroes in The Workman’s in Dublin. How did you enjoy that?

B: We loved it. It’s a great event that highlights loads of cool bands. We have really wanted to play HWCH for a while and it didn’t disappoint. The crowd was unreal and we felt like we fed off their energy and hopefully sent it back to them.

O: You have a number of upcoming gigs in support of Aware, the mental health charity. What do you think needs to be done in Ireland to draw attention to the issue of mental health?

B: Our biggest gig yet will be on November 11th at The Sugar Club. We have an amazing line-up including: Ae Mak; Wastefellow; Spud Gun and DJ sets provided by Room 19 and Phases. Half the proceeds of our Sugar Club gig will be going to Aware, we are honoured to be able to support them.

Aware is an organisation dedicated to supporting people affected by mental health issues. 1 in 10 people in Ireland suffer from depression, so this is an issue close to everyone’s hearts. The three pillars of Aware are Information, Education and Support.

Beach believes that anything that brings these issues into the public mind is a positive step. People must look after one another. Society, after all, is our society.

beach interview

O: You now have a quite impressive visual accompaniment to your music at your live shows. Who created the visuals? Do you collaborate with the creator on the visuals or is it up to them?

B: Ross Ryder is our gifted visual speciallist and bro. We’d consider him part of the band and work closely with him on our visuals. It’s really important to us to link our music with visual expression and Ross is on our wavelength . We buzz to the same frequency… and What a Name!! ROSS RYDER.

O: What is your goal for Beach?

B: We are all committed to making Beach as big as possible. We are in this for the long haul! We are not just messing about, we want to be the next Justin Bieber…

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