bed. Interview: “We’d Get To Disappoint Stadiums Full Of U2 Fans”

bed band interview

Current Track ‘The Rule’ Is Out Now.

I don’t really have many rules. When I first start listening to a band, I have to listen to their music in chronological order. That’s about it really. I don’t know what rules Portland slow-fi duo and friends bed. have, but they can certainly write the pants off a song called ‘The Rule’. They’ve only released five tracks thus far, but on the this evidence, their upcoming debut LP will be a real gem.

We caught up with married couple behind the group Sierra and Alex recently, and they were very gracious and friendly. We chatted about their upcoming debut album, desires to tour with U2, and how they feel about Portlandia and fuzzy guitars.

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Overblown: There is full stop at the end of your name. Why?

Sierra: It doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning. If anything, it’s sort of convenient to have unusual punctuation since our band name is such a short and common word. It helps signify that you’re talking about something other than the place you sleep.

O: You describe yourselves as ‘slow-fi’. Where did that term come from?

Alex: I think we might have invented it. As far as genres go, it’s kinda nice because you immediately get a pretty good sense of what we sound like.

O: Your latest song ‘The Rule’ is the cat’s pyjamas. Sierra sounds like she is slightly smiling as she sings the words. What was the inspiration for that song?

S: Thanks! ‘The Rule’ is a song about how tragic it can be to pour one’s life into their passion. Lots of our songs are about that in one way or another.

O: Another song I love is ‘Wayward’; I feel the chorus has a real hint of the Pixies to it. What is your favourite of your songs so far? Why?

S: Yeah, Joe Santiago is probably my main influence on guitar. We don’t really have a favorite song. We just finished recording our first full-length, so we’re definitely most excited about those songs right now.

O: As far as I can tell, you have five songs and that’s it so far. Is there plans for an EP or an LP at some stage?

A: We’ll be releasing our four singles to date, plus one more as a 12” EP on Portland indie label Bug Hunt in the late spring. As I mentioned, we just finished our first full-length with producer Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studio. No solid plans on when that’ll be out yet, but probably sometime next year.

O: You guys hail from Portland. Are you excited about the new season of Portlandia? Or couldn’t you care less?

S: We’re sort of neither here nor there on Portlandia. Alex got cast as an extra one time, but the shoot got rained out.

O: You have the Timbrrr! Music Fest and Noise Pop 2016 on the horizon. Are you excited about that? Are there any bands playing at either fest that you want to check out?

S: Yeah – we’re excited to see Hibou and Fruit Bats at Timbrrr! Not sure how much we’ll get to see at Noise Pop, but we’re stoked to be supporting Ringo Deathstarr.

O: What band would it be your dream to tour with? Why?

S: Probably U2. They’re the highest paid touring band, so we’d probably get to travel in a big comfy van and disappoint entire stadiums full of people who can afford U2 tickets.

O: I love fuzzed up music. I reckon so do you. What do you think is the appeal?

A: You noticed, huh? Fuzzy sounding guitars deliver heaviness and warmth. It helps you get loud without being shrill or tinny sounding, but it can also be soft and comforting. In this way, fuzz is extremely dynamic. It also fills in a lot of mids, which is extremely helpful for a band that doesn’t have a rhythm guitar player.

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