Best Gigs In London – 19th to 25th January 2014

Best Gigs In London

Mini-Mansions @ The Lexington, 19/01/2015

best gigs in london

Mini Mansions are Michael Shuman of Queens of The Stone Age, alongside bassist Zach Dawes and keyboardist Tyler Parkford. They’re also likely to be the only band this year with features from Brian Wilson and Alex Turner on their album – no mean feat. Before heading out on a string of UK dates in support of Royal Blood, the LA-based trio will headline The Lexington with support from Asylums and Black Honey. Guaranteed fun times. Pity it’s sold out. Tickets on the door? (words by Andy Glancy)

Vaccines @ Village Underground, 20/01/2015

best gigs in london

Londoners Vaccines get a lot of flak, but I reckon they’re tons of fun. An ear for a melody, they play as if it’s the last day on Earth. I like guitars. I like loud guitars. I like beer. All these things will be present in abundance at the quartet’s intimate gig at the Village Underground. For fans only, you gots to fill out a form to get tickets. Do that here.

Deers @ Boston Arms, 21/01/2015

best gigs in london

This Spanish quartet revel in their 60s girl group pop. Calling to mind icons like Buddy Holly, and Eddie Cochran, any gig with these four is bound to be nearly too much fun. But not quite. I’ve never been to the Boston Arms, but I hear it’s a pretty sweet venue. Perhaps, perfect for this band steeped in pop history. The bugger is sold out! Go listen outside the door.

The Drink @ The Scolt Head, 22/01/2015

best gigs in london

The Drink’s Irish singer songwriter Dearbhla Minogue is either a workaholic or a masochist. Quick on the release of her other group, The Wharves, debut LP, came The Drink‘s. Both intriguing pieces in their own right, The Drink combine off kilter folk with indie rock. Not to be missed. Bloody hell. Everything is sold out this week. Check the door.

Menace Beach @ New Slang at McCluskey’s, 22/01/2015

best gigs in London

I like to think that Leeds five piece Menace Beach are named after the NES game of the same name. If they’re not they should claim to be. As epic live, as they are on record, go and check them out before they get too big and famous and won’t return your calls. Once again, best go to the venue on the night. No tickets online.

Slipknot + Korn @ Wembley Arena, 23/01/2015

best gigs in london

The other night I got drunk and started drafting my playlist for my 30th birthday. Both these bands are on the playlist (nu metal was pretty damn huge when I was 15) and so simply must be included on this list. Legendarily, Slipknot provide tons of piss and vinegar for all their ‘maggots’ when they play live. Shout with me, “Bigidy, bigidy bitch boy, halfway hauser!” Tickets here.

Alt-J @ The O2, 24/01/2015

best gigs in london

My wonderful chum Emer (that’s an Irish name, loyal readers) got me a ticket for this gig. Because she is a legend. Or maybe someone else pulled out. I am unsure. Anywho, Alt-J are like the little band that could. How did they get this big? Who knows. Sometimes good bands get inexplicably popular. Don’t question it! Bonus. Support comes from the wonderful pop grunge of Wolf Alice. Great band. And bloody Gengahr. Bargain. Tickets here.

h.grimace @ Power Lunches, 24/01/2015

best gigs in london

h. grimace’s Facebook page describes them as alternative tumble weed rock. I kind of like that. Personally I like how they have their name in lower case letters like they are bell hooks or something. Expect some good ol’ lo-fi yet sturdy indie rock. Support from The Wharves (see what I mean about Dearbhla?). No tickets. Stand outside in the cold, minion.