Best Irish Rock Bands

If you’re looking for some excellent rock then the Emerald Isle might not be your first port of call. This very traditional country is actually the point of origin for a number of fantastic Irish rock bands, we’re here to tell you all about them.

Thin Lizzy

There are few bands quite as famous as Thin Lizzy, as they enjoy quite the reputation with fans. They’ve had numerous top hits from 1970s and beyond. They started out in Dublin and quickly rose to fame, though they managed to break up a few times over the years.

They still tour to this day, though not all of the original members are still there, they still play under the Thin Lizzy name but have decided not to create any new music under this name as a sign of respect to previous members.


Bono and The Edge have been making music together for decades now and U2 has to be one of the most popular bands to come out of Ireland. Nowadays, people seem to know Bono more as the Irish philanthropist caricature that he is, rather than the lyrical genius that he once was. While some people enjoy their music, there is a lot of controversy around the people behind the songs.

It’s still good to listen back to their music and they doubtless inspired hundreds of other artists. If you want to see just how stereotypical some of their songs are then download rock bingo board to discover how quickly you can mark off a board with their albums. If you’re not sure on how to play then you can check out the rules on bingo sites for all the details.

Stiff Little Fingers

The culture and reserved nature of Ireland in the 70s bubbled over and created the pure punk rage that was Stiff Little Fingers. For just six short years they blasted out some of the most influential punk songs of the time. They got back together in the late eighties but it was the early years that really made this band stand out as one of the best.

They’re still super popular and sell out tours around the world, as they came from a unique era in Irish history. They recently celebrated their 40th anniversary in their home city of Belfast and are proving to still be relevant to youth culture and their diehard fans to this day.


Van Morrison initially got his start in this band in the early 60s. Although they only existed for two short years before Morrison quit to go his own way, they had a massive influence on pop culture. The Doors actually cited their two years of amazing music as an influence on their own music, which is no mean feat.

Although Them had one of the shortest careers on our list, they were an Irish band that left a mark on the world long after they stopped playing. Of course, Morrison would go on to a successful solo career with decades of touring, playing and creating music.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about out top influencers, though we could never settle on one definitive list. Check out our Irish bands section to see the latest bands from this area that are impressing us, or to read our rants on Bono…