Bettie Serveert – Mouth of Age (Sjors Mix) | Overblown Video Premiere

New album Damaged Good will be released on limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day.

As part of the upcoming Record Store Day, indie stalwarts Bettie Serveert will release their new album Damaged Good on limited edition exclusive transparent magenta Vinyl LP via Schoolkids Records. This includes stunning gatefold packaging and will include a digital download and full CD. Today, we are honoured to premiere the video for ‘Mouth of Age (Sjors Mix)’, a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the short track from Damaged Good.

The video for the track is a charming short document of the group’s antics while on tour such as creating set lists, limbering up, and attempting not to break the wing mirrors off their van. The combintation of the song and the video creates an impression of a band who are very comfortable in their own skin. It even bears a resemblance to a contented marriage. Truly beautiful.

Bettie Serveert tour dates:
April 1 – Mezz (Breda, NL)
April 7 – Paard van Troje (Den Haag, NL)
April 22 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL)
June 18 – Mañana Mañana Festival (Vorden, NL)

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