Bicurious – ‘I’m So Confused’ | Track by Track


I’m So Confused is out now.

What do you like to listen to on a Tuesday evening? Chunky Tom Morello riffs? Intricate guitar interplay? Danceable beats? Samples of Donald Trump spouting nonsense? I’m So Confused, the new EP from Dublin instrumental math rock outfit Bicurious has all this and more.

We wanted to get more info so we asked the band to elaborate. Grand bunch of lads.


Taran: This tune is quite heavily influenced by Adebisi Shank and Alpha Male Tea Party, as AMTP were pretty much the only band I was listening to at that time! I brought the riffs to Gav and we put them together in the practice space.

Gav: The name came from when I was on tour in England and I started hallucinating. People kept telling me to “go to sleep”, and I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. The song reminded me of this situation.

Taran: We also made a conscious effort to keep the song under 5 minutes long so that we could get it played on the radio, which was quite challenging in a good way!

2Fake News

We thought it would be fun to sample a Donald Trump speech and make him say stupid things, but also use some of the things he actually said to remind people of how mad he is. The weird thing is I had to sit through an hour-long speech to pick out those samples, and I can say that he can be very convincing in very a manipulative way… Musically, the chorus is one of my favourite riffs out of the ones I’ve written!

Gav: It’s actually the first song we played in 5/8. I think I was listening to 15 step by Radiohead before a jam one day and then we started jamming in 5/8.


Taran: This song is a special one for me, as it was the first kind of quiet, more melodic song we played. Of course, it gets heavy and hectic at the end, but it’s really nice to have a bit of variation from the heft! This tune was very much influenced by my love for Radiohead…

Gav: I was watching the documentary Deliver Us from Evil which is about the church moving a priest who sexually abused around 25 children and how the church covered it up. I just thought it was just such a shocking subject, that’s why we chose to use samples from various sources covering the subject.

4Japanese Puppy

Taran: This one was all based on the original loop at the start, and built from there. Its one of the punkier songs we have; we both come from a background of listening to lots of punk rock growing up, and I think the chorus in this song is a reflection of that. It’s the last one we wrote, and we were in a real rush to finish it before we went into the studio! The samples in it are from an announcement that French maréchal Petain made during the Second World War. They are used in kind of a sarcastic way in this instance.

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