Billy Nomates: New Band of the Day #260

billy nomates

Billy Nomates’ self-titled debut album is out August 7th via Invada Records.

Who: Tor Maries.

What: Electronic/post-punk.

Where:  England.

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Why: Making comparisons is pretty lazy journalism but I’m about to go hell for leather with one anyone. Billy Nomates (aka Tor Maries) calls to mind British electro punks Sleaford Mods fronted by an English Patti Smith. Her music is minimal, hypnotic, and biting. Spoken word poetic lyrics get spat out over low-key beats. Check out her track ‘No’ below which looks set to become her defining number.

“‘No’ was a word that I didn’t learn to use until a year ago. By not using it, I didn’t really have a lifestyle that I liked,” says Tor Maries. “From the minute I started saying ‘no’ to stuff, doors started opening. It sounds really negative, but to me it was a really positive find. ‘No, I don’t want to do that’: there’s a power to it. If you learn to say ‘no’, it gets somebody’s attention. In a world of yes men, I’ll be a no woman, thanks.”

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