Bitch Falcon’s Guide To Hard Working Class Heroes 2017

Bitch Falcon play The Workman’s Club on 30th September from 23.00 – 23.30

I’ve probably said more than once, but Dublin sludgy alt rock trio Bitch Falcon are the best rock band in operation in Ireland. No doubt. The thing is, while they are savage on record, you really haven’t experienced them properly until you’ve seen them live. There’s something essentially primordial about their assault. Riffs blast and pummel, drums thunder and smash, the low end reverberates with intent, all while vocalist Lizzie howls over the top. For me though what is most remarkable is that they manage to create something that is reminiscent of the glory of alt rock of the early 90s without aping it. They sound like contemporaries, not followers.

They’ll be playing Hard Working Class Heroes in Dublin this year. We thought we’d ask them who they want to see. But, you dear reader, should only be focused on catching Bitch Falcon. Do it.

1. Barry (bass):

Swimmers Jackson

Caught him twice in one week recently and really got into the short and to the point songs. The riffs are covered in interesting vocal melodies and they’ll be stuck in your head leaving!

Sleep Thieves

I’ve been playing these guys non stop the last few weeks. Super dark and moody electronica with amazing vocals. The lead singers harmonies remind me of 80’s Kate Bush which always rules.

2. Lizzie (vocals/guitar):


Ashamed to not have seen this guy perform yet. His songs just blew me away when I first listened to them. That chorus on ‘If You Love Me’ is ridiculous!

Floor Staff

Gorgeous lush songs with perfect instrumentation. I have become addicted to every single song that he has put out. He has a really great love band too that gel gorgeously. Floor staff are definitely not to be missed!

3. Nigel (drums):


Loah is the queen of Dublin! The depth and scope of her songwriting is unrivalled amongst anyone out there in Ireland right now. She has the best band on the scene and is mesmerising live! I actually haven’t seen her play live in about a year so really looking forward to see what new magic she has for us.

Super Silly

Ah jaysis! They put us all to shame! Bunch of young lads absolutely bangin’ out beautiful jams. I just can’t wait to make it in to whatever sweaty, packed room they’re going to play and pretend i can dance for 40 minutes.

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