Bjork’s Biophilia Live To Have Theatrical Run, Watch Trailer

Bjork’s Biophilia Live  To Get Theatrical Release

Bjork’s Biophilia has been an app and a traditional album, and now Biophilia Live, a concert documentary based on the album, will have a theatrical run. You can check out the list of screenings on the film’s website, where you can book tickets and suggest a place to screen it in your country. Make sure to watch the trailer for Biophilia Live above. Did I mention that David Attenborough’s voice features in it?

The film premiered on April 26 at the Tribeca Film Festival and was directed by Peter Strickland and Nick Fenton based on a performance at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2013. Apparently, it is pretty amazing.

Some screenings will be paired with When Bjork Met Attenborough, a documentary about her relationship with David Attenborough. They discuss the nature of music and the intersection between music, nature and technology. If you live in the UK you can watch When Bjork Met Attenborough on 4oD.