Black Surf – Bastard Man (Overblown Track Premiere)

black surf bastard man

Debut EP Let’s Pretend It’s Summer  Out 26th August Via Cowboy Records.

Black Surf, oddly, formed via the wonders of FaceTime and Dropbox in 2014. The result of their exchanges between Leeds and Sydney is their debut EP, Let’s Pretend It’s Summer and it’s damn good, brimming with huge fuzzy guitars and enormous hooks.

The second track to be released from their debut EP, Let’s Pretend It’s Summer, is titled ‘Bastard Man’ and explores the story of an unsavoury gentlemen via those aforementioned tropes. The track is led out by a suitably fuzzed up bass, feedback drenched guitars and thumping drums as vocalist Ali Epstone sings, “I think I’m falling for you / I think I’m falling for me more.” Clocking in at just under three minutes, the band gleefully pound their way through the track with an enveloping and thick sound that would make Rivers Cuomo wet his pants.

The rest of the EP is just as engrossing. ‘Sink’, with its huge enthusiasm and synth flecked bubblegum pop, is a pure joy while EP closer ‘Baby Blue Washburn’ provides a deceptive moment of respite before, you guessed it, an enormous chorus.

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