The Black Watch – ‘Way Strange World’ | Overblown Video Premiere

the black watch
Photo by Brendan Holmes

New album The Gospel According To John out July 14 via The Eskimo Record Label.

There’s an interesting mix going on with LA quartet The Black Watch. On the one hand their new single ‘Way Strange World’ starts out with a funky indie rock in the vein of Franz Ferdinand or their ilk. On the other hand, their vocalist John Andrew Fredrick brings a gravity and intensity that was largely missing from the fun of the aforementioned Scottish indie rock stalwarts.

As bouncy as the track gets, it never loses an essential depth that keeps the track on the earnest straight and narrow. This is mirrored in the music video, which with its sepia tone and faux Super 8 appearance creates a nostalgic and emotional counterpoint to the song.

Leading the band is the multi faceted and talented John Andrew Fredrick. Spending his time making music, writing books, working as a university English lecturer, playing tennis and painting, Fredrick is a real paragon of creativity. When I saw he writes books I don’t just mean for the laugh either. His new novel Your Caius Aquilla was released on April 11 and his first non-fiction title Fucking Innocent: The Early Films of Wes Anderson is set to be released on July 11. This is on top of four other warmly received novels.

“The response to the new LP has been overwhelming, to say the least, especially considering we had quite modest expectations going in to the studio and a very casual approach to recording it,” notes John Andrew Fredrick. “I imagine its significance has to do with the astonishing guitar work of new lead guitarist Andy Creighton, and my incapability of stopping writing indie pop songs, despite the fact that all last year all I did was listen to classical!”

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