Blackgaze: Deafheaven Share New Single ‘Great Mass of Color’, Announce New Album

Courtesy of Bobby Cochran.

Deafheaven’s new album Infinite Granite is due for release on August 20th via Sargent House.

Avant-garde black metal/shoegaze outfit Deafheaven have just come out with ‘Great Mass of Color’, the lead single off their upcoming full-lenght Infinite Granite. For their fifth studio album, the quintet from California is seemingly going for something brand-new. Check out the trippy visuals that go along with the track below.

If ‘Great Mass of Color’ is anything to go by, the band’s newfound sound will likely feature less of frontman George Clarke’s banshee-like screams, and more of those shoegazy moments which had already made a strong appearance in plenty of instances in their last record Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. The lead single for Infinite Granite shrugs off the black metal aesthetic the band was known for, instead embracing dreamy melodies and soothing sounds.

Infinite Granite album artwork:

Infinite Granite tracklist:

  1. Shellstar
  2. In Blur
  3. Great Mass of Color
  4. Neptune Raining Diamonds
  5. Lament for Wasps
  6. Villain
  7. The Gnashing
  8. Other Language
  9. Mombasa

Pre-order Infinite Granite here.

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