Blackgaze: Voyage In Solitude Share ‘Voyage In Solitude’

Voyage In Solitude’s debut EP Last Train From The Hill is out now.

So this one is actually a few years old but I bloody love it so here it is. Voyage in Solitude is the blackgaze project of one Derrick Lin from Hong Kong. He has been at it crafting this mixture of black metal and shoegaze since 2016 and the results are pretty special. His approach sticks to the clean singing approach and the results are soaring and epic. Apparently, he has a new album titled Through The Mist With Courage And Sorrow which is due on September 18. Check out the track ‘Voyage In Solitude’ above via YouTube or below via Bandcamp. It taken from his debut EP Last Train From The Hill which was released in 2018.

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