Bloodhounds On My Trail – ‘Over The Wall’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New EP Haunted Isles out 18th November via Moon Sounds Records.

To celebrate the warm reception of recent single ‘Over The Wall’ and the announcement of their new Haunted Isles EP, Australian shoegazers Bloodhounds On My Trail have shared a hazy and surreal video for the aforementioned track and graciously decided to premiere it right here on Overblown. Ostensibly a live clip, the video uses lens flares, blurring and extreme close ups to create a trance like and misty atmosphere which suits the otherworldly nature of the track down to the ground.

“Over The Wall is about a prisoner wanting to escape, whether he be dead or alive. He toys with trying his luck in the conventional break-out manner or hoping and even planning how he can die while still inside the walls of his jail. Regardless of the outcome, he will no longer be in prison and will consider it a successful escape,” explains Bloodhounds guitarist Chris Donaldson. “Our song ‘Places Like This’ is about being thankful to get out of a place that you once lived after returning to it years later”.

Check out the video for ‘Over The Wall’ above, and check out another new song below called ‘Places Like This’.

Haunted Isles artwork:

bloodhounds on my trail

Haunted Isles tracklist:

1. Gallows
2. Over The Wall
3. Loop
4. Sink
5. Places Like This
6. Words Like Weapons (Bonus Track)

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