Bonus – ‘Bonus II’ (Overblown Album Premiere)

Bonus II Premiere

Bonus II  Is Out June 10th Via Muscle Beach Records.

I’ve never been to Mississippi. However, I do know that it is a state known for its music and literature. After all, Elvis, Bo Diddley, and Robert Johnson are natives of The Magnolia State as are William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and Thomas Harris. To be honest, it has always struck me a fairly hazy and lazy place. Humid, with lots of porches, sweating, and mosquitoes. The alt/anti folk of Mississippi’s Bonus (aka Kieran Danielson and friends) also conjures a similar image in my mind. It completely seems like the kind of music one would play on the porch on a warm evening or listen to while reading a battered copy of The Sound And The Fury. 

Today, we’re delighted to be premiering Bonus’ second album simply titled Bonus II. The album sees Danielson try to step away slightly from the bedroom folk of his debut album somewhat by recruiting his friend and band mate, Adam Porter, for the recording sessions at Adam’s house in Oxford, Mississippi. The result is akin to a more laid-back Neutral Milk Hotel. Slightly fuzzy guitar compliments endearing, thoughtful acoustic songs full of obscure references to things like dropsie (is that the Will Eisner avenue or the rather horrific illness found in prisoners after long periods of incarcaration?).  Danielson’s voice is that wonderful mixture of emotion and lethargy the imbues his music with an simultaneous apathy and melancholy.

Bonus II is out on June 10th via Danielson’s own DIY label Muscle Beach Records. In the meantime you can listen to it below. Exclusively, I might add.

You can pick up the album on Muscle Beach’s Bandcamp page. It’s available on a rather beautiful clear cassette tape. Have a look.

Bonus II premiere

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