Botfly – ‘Melancholy In Real Time’ (Live) | Video Premiere

New self-titled LP out now.

Halifax, Nova Scotia noise rock outfit Botfly recently released a new self-titled album. A filthy and murky blast of noise rock, the record careens and pummels the listener with angular, ragged guitar work, thunderous rhythm, and disenchanted vocals. Comprised of nine songs of fury, it begs to be heard in a live setting.

That is way we are delighted to premiere a live video for ‘Melancholy in Real Time’, a highlight from the record. We also had a bit of a chinwag with the group about all things Botfly, which you can read below as you sink into their swamp.

Overblown: You have just released a live video for ‘Melancholy in Real Time’. Where was it recorded?

Botfly: The video was filmed during an annual Christmas fundraiser show for the food bank at X goodwill street Charlottetown, P.E.I, Canada. A basement of a long time friend of ours, that has hosted a multitude of incredible shows.

Overblown: What inspired the song both thematically and musically?

Botfly: Musically the song is inspired by taking the instrument that’s usually at the forefront of a song(guitar) and making it almost the background noise while allowing the drums and bass to really shine overtop. It’s something a lot of bands that I listen to and pull influence from have done, a lot of noise rock from the 90s kind of operates that way! We’ve always been a band that relies equally on all three instruments and constantly trying to add whatever weird twists to songs that we can. Thematically I feel as though, the lyrics for this song speak for themselves.

Botfly album cover.

Overblown: I really love the cover of your recent self-titled record. What inspired it?

Botfly: The inspiration for the photo basically stemmed from wanting to have cover art that if you looked at it, you wouldn’t be able to assume what the band sounded like. We knew we wanted a photo as opposed to something hand drawn. There wasn’t too much thought process put into it outside of that, we had some locations to take the picture that were sentimental to us, and a rough idea of what we wanted to shoot and that was about it.

Overblown: On your Denouement EP you had a song called ‘29/04/2015’. What is significant about that date?

Botfly: The date and the song itself actually have no correlating significance. However, the aggression shown in that song and the lyrics I wrote, line up closely with an experience one of the other members of the band had. I was having difficulty naming the song, and it ended up with that date as the song title.

Overblown: The final song on your self-titled release is called ‘Gutless’ and quite a departure from your other music. Where is the spoken word element from? Who is speaking?

Botfly: This song was originally going to be just me vocally, but it lined up that my sister (Tenille Goodspeed) was home for the holidays, so I took the opportunity to have a different voice. Originally it was meant to sound like someone talking to themselves, trying to pull themselves out of whatever low point they were in. By adding Tenille’s voice to the song, it almost took on this type of intervention feel. It made the song feel as though someone was there to help the other, as opposed to someone trying to fight their battle alone. I’ve always been one to enjoy ending albums with something a little softer. It eases you out of all the harsh noise you would have sat through with the rest of the record.

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