The Boxing Interview: “Leeds is a great place to be in a band.”

New single ‘Violet Sun’ is out now.

And so it’s a nice Friday afternoon and I had to walk for hours to get home because there’s a bus strike. On a brighter side, Leeds based dark psychedelic rock group The Boxing have just released a new video for their track ‘Violet Sun’. It’s a contrasting affair that melds the inherent dreaminess of the verses with more pensive and tense choruses before reaching a denouement that is somewhere between solo and feedback.

To celebrate the release we decided to have a chat with the band about how much they love Leeds, how they think Brexit could affect the band, and their favourite new bands.

Overblown: Hey guys, we’re great fans of you guys here at – how did The Boxing start as a project?

The Boxing: Thanks! We were all mates at uni in Leeds so me and Charlie (the drummer) have been writing and playing together for years in various bands. Like most bands we’ve had a few line up changes, Henry came in on bass about a year ago and that’s where we’re at now.

O: Your sound is actually quite a dark and austere one, which contrasts with a lot of happy-sounding psych bands that are out at the moment. How come you ended up down that route?

TB: It was just a very natural thing really, we all have very different taste so we never tried to sound like our favourite bands because there’s barely any we’d all agree on. We started permanently renting our practice room about a year and a half ago and maybe having that space of our own ended up influencing the sound. If you write all your music in a brick room with lots of mood lighting and no windows I guess that’s just how it comes out!

O: Brexit is a huge issue at the moment. Article 50 has just been triggered and it looks like the music industry – like many other industries – will be in a period of protracted uncertainty. Do you feel triggered by Brexit, or as a band is it not something that bothers you?

TB: I think the music industry has been in a period of uncertainty for quite a while, but I’m not sure it really affects how we go about things. We’d be doing the exact same thing regardless of what state the music industry was in. As people I’d say we were all definitely against Brexit but I’m not sure it’s something that finds its way into our music.

O: Leeds is having something of a moment in the sun with it’s successful music venues and fantastic, alternative talent springing up all over the city. How do you find being in a band there?

TB: It’s definitely a great place to be in a band right now. It’s a fairly small city so it feels like everyone knows everyone which makes it quite a tight community. There are bands we admire that practice at the same place as us and being around that inspires you to make good music. We live about a 5 minute walk from the Brudenell too, which for me is one of the best independent venues in the country so it’s great to have somewhere like that on your doorstep.

O: We ask a lot of our interviewees to give us some of their favourite new bands and artists – what new picks do you have for Overblown readers to listen to?

TB: There’s too many! From Leeds I’d check out Team Picture, Dead Naked Hippies, FEHM, Deadwall just put out a really lovely album called the Zero Cliff that we’ve been listening to a lot as well. Trudy and the Romance and Her’s are Liverpool bands that are also favourites of ours.

O: What can we expect from The Boxing in the near future?

TB: We’ve just recorded some new stuff at the Nave with Alex Greaves that will be coming out in the next couple of months, and have a few exciting releases later in the year that we can’t mention yet. We’ve got some shows booked around the country in the next few months, and we’re playing Goldsounds festival on the 20th of May at the Brudenell which looks like it’s gonna be a really good one.

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