Bridal Shower – ‘Negatives’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Debut 12″ LP this coming June.

Roll up! Roll up! Have you ever wanted to watch a grown man shave a beard ON to his face? Well, ladies and gentlemen, now you have the unique and once in a life time chance to see just that. Simply watch the video for ‘Negatives’, streaming above, by Glaswegian post-punk/noise rock ne’er-do-wells Bridal Shower.

Featuring members of the astounding American Clay, the wondrous Womps, and the miraculous Manuscripts, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Stare in awe and wonder as the subject of the video miraculously shaves a thick beard on, yes I said on, to his face. Never before will you have witnessed feats of such wonder and impossibility.

Plus! As you watch, you can listen to the heavy, discordant, and aggressive musical stylings of these Scottish scallywags. Marvel at the boisterous bass, the deafening drums, gargantuan guitars, and vicious vocals. Gasp at the passionate peaks, the vociferous valleys, and the quixotic cacophony of these four rapscallions.

This is it folks. Expect the exceptional.

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