Brighton Trio Gang Share ‘Eye Garden’

gang eye garden

Brighton Grunge/Psych Trio Share New Single.

There’s some song from the 90s that this track really reminds me of. It’s just outside the reach of my brain. Bugger. Anyway, I like lots of things about Brighton based grunge/psych trio Gang. Their lethargic pace, their drawled vocals, their chunky and fuzzy guitar tone. Stop the lights! I’ve remembered what song ‘Eye Garden’ reminds me of! It’s ‘Sex and Candy’ by Marcy’s Playground. Remember that track? Came out in ’97? I think that’s the only song I know by them. My cousin Claire loves that track. We spent a whole summer in San Francisco listening to ‘Sex and Candy’ and watching the Big Lebowski. 2006. A good summer.

The trio are made up of brothers Eric Tormey (vocals, guitar), Jimi Tormey (drums, vocals) and bassist Joseph Hunt. Together they made a din that is somewhere between the post-grunge melody of Weezer, and the stoner fueled chunk of Kyuss. That sounds pretty good, no? Jimi had this to say about new track ‘Eye Garden’, “On a metaphorical level, it’s about those situations when you are struggling with the outside world and you need somewhere to go. And there’s nowhere quite as safe – seemingly safe, it’s actually really dangerous if you spend too much time there – as the inside of your mind.”

Check out Garden on tour:

8th July  @ The Cellars, Portsmouth w/ Puppy (Headline Show)
15th July @ The Social, London.
17th July @ Truck Festival, Barn Stage.
17th July @ The Hope and Ruin, Brighton. (Headline Show)

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