Bruising Share ‘Honey’ From New Single

The Bruising story seems pretty miraculous doesn’t it? Well maybe not but it’s a cool story anyway, the chance meeting, the Perfect Pussy t-shirt, less than a year later…. The reason it’s not miraculous is simply that it’s just what happens when super talented like-minded people with great taste in music get together and create…it shouldn’t take long. Should it?

So check out ‘Honey’ above, further proof that Bruising are sounding like the world’s population of bees clattering all their knees together. This song is one side of the  7″ single which will launch a new singles club from Beech Coma (check the other song below). Singles clubs are beyond exciting, you simply must get signed up for this one. It’s ludicrously good value and the subscription cost would be worth it for the Bruising single alone.

What’s more Bruising are hitting the road very soon with Los Campesinos which is exciting. Well, exciting if you’ve got a ticket anyway, if you don’t then tough, it’s sold out. Even more exciting is that they’ve got dates lined up with Overblown favourites Diet Cig in January. I’ll see you on the Glasgow leg of the tour. Please wear a ‘insert the name of whoever my favourite band might be come January’ t-shirt and we can hook up and start a band. I swear I’ve got dozens of brilliant songs written with someone I’ve not even met yet.

Check out more about the new singles club from Beech Coma here and get yourself signed up pronto to get your hands on the Bruising single which is out on 20th November

Bruising are on the road as follows:

22 November – Instore at Rough Trade West at 3pm
23 November – The Victoria, Dalston (free headline show)
Sat 9 January – Sheffield Bungalows and Bears
Sun 10 January – Glasgow Broadcast
Mon 11 January – Bristol Louisiana
Tue 12 January  – Old Blue Last DIY Hello 2016

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