BUMMER: 5 Things That Inspired ‘Freedom Cobra’

‘Freedom Cobra’ is taken from the band’s split 12″ LP with PINKO, which will be out on April 7th via High Dive Records.

Just as you’d want it to be, the latest track to be released by Kansis City trio BUMMER is a short and buxom blast of visceral noise rock cacophony. Tempestuous riffs, a heavy as Yokozuna bottom end, and nary a break for any respite. Combined with this is the beautifully simple video which features gimp masks, beers, whipping, and touring van that has probably seen all kinds of disturbing things.

Anyway, we were intrigued as to where this beast of a track gestated and so asked the band to fill us in. Enjoy.

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Named after S08E04 in which Shake gets a sick tattoo of a cobra with the American flag on it and a sign that says “Danger Cit, Population: Me”. It’s a pretty fucking weird episode, I definitely recommend watching it at 3 am on a weeknight after a beer and a bowl or two.

2. Boxed Wine

We wrote this song while completing a “Tour de Franzia” in which you drink an entire box of Franzia in one night. This is one of our favorite idea generating processes, and i recommend everyone do a Tour de Franzia once in their lifetime. It will change you.

3. Isolation

This song was written at the tail end of winter of 2016. It was an interesting time in my life. I battling with mental health issues that amplified at the tail end of getting over a break up and out of an awkward living situation. I slipped into a very lonely and unhealthy routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, smoke weed, eat, sleep, repeat. I didn’t make a lick of contact with people other than to practice/play music and spent a lot of time alone trying to just make it to the next day. That’s what the line “I don’t mind the decline” as well as all the other lines about me losing my mind mostly refers to. A constant numb state repeated on a daily basis, an almost infinite basis

4. Social Anxiety Overload

Also a big part in writing this song that plays off #3. It’s kinda where I shaped the the title of Freedom Cobra into. With the fact i wasn’t ever leaving my house for anything but work and music related events i developed a both a sense of fear and comfort every time i was home. This is what shaped the concept of the “freedom cobra.” Something that on the outside seems comforting, uplifting, and in some terms empowering. But on the inside it’s exactly the fucking opposite, a breeding ground for over-thing and anxiety.

5. Weed and Rock n Roll

Like any Bummer song, ‘Freedom Cobra’ was the brainchild of a lot of fucking around, for Pete’s sake we wrote the song while crushing a box of Franzia and Mike and I doing one or two gravs each. We’ve always been the type to pull riffs out of our ass and just throw them together in a crazy sporadic mess until it works.

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