C Duncan Shares “Say”

C Duncan Shares

We are pretty fond of Scottish singer songwriter C Duncan around these parts at Overblown. After releasing the delicate ‘For‘ and the Jeff Buckley-esque ‘And I‘ over the last few months, C Duncan has returned with the latest preview of his upcoming debut LP, set for release summer 2015. ‘Say’ is a bit more upbeat than previous efforts combining classic folk melodies with a more modern beat. It feels more lighthearted than the somewhat heavy material Duncan has released thus far; this is more playful, more joyous. According to Duncan, the track is about “being consumed by the bustle of city life, wanting to run away from it.” Something that we can all related to.

The record was self recorded in his Glasgow flat on a bedroom studio setup, which makes the layered sound of the tracks all the more impressive. He recently formed a band to perform his compositions live, and has played in Glasgow and Brighton. More dates and a full tour schedule are in the works for 2015. The cover art for ‘Say’, an affectionate and purposefully stylised aerial view of Glasgow’s Clyde Arc Bridge, was created by Christopher himself. A skilled and accomplished artist, his work has been exhibited at galleries around Scotland.

‘Say’ is out Feb 16th