California X Stream Raucous/Poppy “Nights In The Dark”

Amherst, Massachusetts quartet California X released their self titled debut album in January 2013. It fucking rocked. Combining a lo-fi aesthetic with enormous guitars somewhere between Billy Corgan and J. Mascis and endearing if somewhat out of tune vocals, the record is powerful in a very old school manner, burying extreme melody underneath waves and waves of feedback, distortion and a seemingly relaxed attitude to acknowledging any music written in the past twenty years.

Their newest effort “Nights in the Dark” continues this modus operandi, but ratchets up the melody another couple of levels. Atonal feedback devolve into a chugging, straightforward behemoth of a track, resplendent with haphazard guitar solo, and shouts of, “I don’t wanna be alone in the dark!” A nice surprise for Overblown’s Thursday evening.

The track is gleaned from their upcoming sophomore album also titled Nights in the Dark, out January 13 via Don Giovanni, nearly two years to the day since the release of their debut. Not that that has anything to do with anything. Overblown just enjoys symmetry. And referring to ourselves in the third person.


Check out the album artwork below:

California X Stream Raucous/Poppy "Nights In The Dark"