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Fforesteering is out now.

It seems to us that many bands feel the need to distance themselves from their cultural heritage. Perhaps they wish to reach a larger audience with their homogeneity. Perhaps they are simply embarrassed of the place from whence they sprang. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure: it leads to boring and faceless music. CaStLeS are no such band. They combine their psychedelic alternative rock with a keen sense of their origins through their use of the Welsh language to mark their music apart from the pack.

The band took a bit of time recently to tell us all about the influences behind the title of their album, and each song that appears on the record. Fascinating stuff.


The main languages spoken in our locality is Welsh and English, but where we come from, there’s also something in-between, it’s where both languages marry and words are invented sometimes on a daily basis.

1. ‘Foresteering’

This is the foundation track of the album; it’s where the journey begins, where we escape, “Taking off to leave in search of your footsteps”. This is also where we are introduced to a subject that features in the majority of the songwriting of the album.

2. ‘Tynnu Tuag At Y Diffeithwch’ & ‘Yn Galw’

(‘Drawn towards the Wilderness’ & ‘Calling’) Living in Snowdonia, we are humbled by the overwhelming presence of the rugged landscape, which sometimes appear more alive than we who occupy it. This is the basis behind these two tracks, whilst making it through a mundane day, sometimes you feel you are called upon by dormant giants and breathing forests.

3. ‘Ar Agor’ & ‘Argau’

(‘Open’ & ‘Dam’) With Welsh being descriptive in its language, the 5th track, ‘Argau’ (Dam) has often been mistaken for ‘Ar Gau’, Welsh for ‘closed’. ‘Ar Agor’ & ‘Argau’ were released as singles a week apart in early 2015. ‘Ar Agor’ was written and sung by Cynyr and ‘Argau’ was written and sung by Dion, the drummer. ‘Ar Agor’ has a very upbeat feel overall, with lyrics such as “Open wings and approach” and “Moving back to her” in the chorus. In contrast, ‘Argau’ is somewhat dejected; “You’ve made me think that the doors are closed” – reflecting our teetering optimism and struggles with the lack of opportunities at that period of time.

4. ‘Y Sefyllfa’

(‘The Situation’) Going from the bubbling positivity of ‘Ar Agor’ to the desperate lyrics of ‘Argau’, numbness ensues in ‘Y Sefyllfa’; A melancholic yearning to proceed through failings and fulfill objectives. The track is minimal, with the inclusion of the Novation and Korg synths towards the end.

5. ‘Amcanu’

(‘Aiming’) The return of energy can be heard in the intro to ‘Amcanu’, one of the most positive tracks on the album, “these times are changing”. This track was written after a binge on Paul McCartney’s 80s experimental material, Cynyr trades in the guitar for the synths.

6. ‘Ffrwydriadau o Deimladau’

(‘Explosions of Feelings’)
“Explosions of all the thoughts
That need to be interrupted
Explosions of all the feelings
That need to be forgotten”

All ideas to the parts of this song were initially recorded on Cynyr’s mobile phone whilst at work. As with many tracks on the album, the woodblock features quite prominently in the mix, giving it an earthly feel, which helps bring the album’s concept to life.

7. ‘Heed Your Desire’ & ‘Yno (Canol Y Gwyllt)’

(‘Heed Your Desire’ & ‘There, in the midst of the wilderness’) The album finishes with a sense of achievement, relief and bliss, “Out and about in the country, we’re taking it all in slow”. It all comes to a close after a joyous repetition of…

“In the midst of nature, where it’s impossible to feel alone,
in the midst of nature, where it’s impossible to feel alone,
in the midst of nature, where it’s impossible to feel alone,
in the midst of nature, where it’s impossible to feel alone”.

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