The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Discover what drives musicians to create music and how they realise that ambition.

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The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 11: Happyness

New album Write in is out now via Moshi Moshi and Bar/None Records. Talking to me today is Jonny Allen, who plays guitar, bass, and sings...
Worn Out

Worn Out Interview: “Mary Harney seductively eating a packet of chocolate...

Debut single 'With False Hope' out now. As anywhere with ears in their head will know, the Irish metal music scene is vastly under rated....
post punk podge

Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies – ‘Kick Against the Pricks’...

Kick Against The Pricks is out now. Violent. Visceral. Virulent. Impertinent. Scornful. Impudent. I could go on. Such is the modus operandi of Limerick's Post...