Cattle: 5 Albums That Inspired ‘Nature’s Champion’


Nature’s Champion is out now.

Cattle, a Leeds based quartet who deal in haunted noise rock, released their debut album Nature’s Champion at the death of last year. An album that regularly sounds like it is trying to hustle its way into a bar or other respectable establishment, we decided it might be of interest to find out what albums inspired this album of glorious fuzzy noise. The band duly obliged.

Click on the Bandcamp link below to buy the album. Do it.

1. Steve (Drums) Dälek – Absence

Pretty easy choice for me. A lot of the groove based stuff I play comes from a long term love of hip hop and this is one of my favourite albums that falls under that umbrella. From the second the first track kicks in it’s an hour long nod session. Dalek are a squad who just don’t sound like anyone else, easily the darkest hip hop I’ve found so far, the heavy use of industrial noise and incredible vocal flow blew my mind on the first listen and sent me spinning off trying to find out as much about the genre as I could. Can safely say if it wasn’t for this album and Daniel Dumile’s back catalog then I probably wouldn’t have gotten into it. We were lucky enough to play a gig with these lot in November and live it’s another level, the deck control was staggering and each line is spat out with a massive level of consideration.

2. Tom (Bass) Ghold – Of Ruin

Ghold are a band that never fail to move me. Every record has pushed boundaries and their album “Of Ruin” hasn’t been out of my car cd wallet since they released it.

Such a beautifully heavy record, it has what I think all albums should have; an unpredictable nature and great atmosphere. Each song is pretty long but delivers memorable riffs, instantly recognisable by their obscurity and power. “Of Ruin” also has one of my favourite vocal parts in it. where the second track builds to a crescendo and “DOUSED IN FIRE!!” rings through your head.

Ghold are a big influence on Cattle. Listen to this album if you haven’t already.

3. Chris (Vocals) Big Business – Head for the Shallow

I bought this when it first came out and was instantly obsessed with it. The humour set this apart for me – it was refreshing that one of the best bands I’d ever heard didn’t take themselves seriously at all.

I read that they consider their music to be ‘pop’ which is apt. If you compare them to a great song writer like Warren Zevon (particularly songs like ‘Boom Boom Mancini’ or ‘Werewolves of London’) its right on the same level – incredible hooks complete with technical ability and a lack of seriousness that just isn’t present in a lot of heavier music.

4. Jambo (Drums) Oceansize- Everyone into Position

Ultimately a prog album that I am constantly astonished by the production of, especially the dynamic shifts througout the record. One of my all time favourite drummers; Mark Heron has a unique style that makes the drum tracks float above the songs and tie in the ridiculous riffs that this band crafted back in the 00’s.

5. Band’s Choice Harvey Milk – Special Wishes

Harvey Milk write total bangers and Special Wishes is a beast. Starting with three belters and then moving into more mellow territory with songs like ‘Once in a While’. ‘I’ve got a love’ is one of the heaviest songs of all time (in a heavy rock sense), yet it’s somehow beautifully melodic. Everything on this album is enormous, the bass and drums sound crushing and the guitars are just splendid. The inclusion of songs like ‘Old Glory’ (a country ballad) and ‘Mothers Day’ (an ode to loving your mother) gives the album breadth and shows what great songwriters Harvey Milk actually are.

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