Cattle Interview: “Just pottering about making a racket”


Cattle will play ArcTanGent next August.

Just about two years ago, we were assembling a list of new noise rock bands that were putting fire in our bellies. While researching, we stumbled across the hypnotic, angular, and furious bellow of Leeds outfit Cattle. A frantic and chaotic explosion of psych-noise, we were immediately enamoured by their sonic outlay.

Fast forward two years, and imagine our delight when we learned that Cattle will be playing ArcTanGent this year!

We caught up with the band to ask them about playing the Bristol based festival, and when we can expect album number two!

Overblown: First things first, it has been just over two years since the release of your last LP ‘Nature’s Champion’. When can we expect some new music?

Steve Myles: Aye it’s been a while, three out of the five of us are self-employed and one of us has a young bambino so it’s taking a while to get stuff together. We’ve a collab split with Girl Sweat coming out the first half of this year. It’s a semi-improvised set that we recorded live last summer, heavy psych repeato stuff. Second album is nearly written now too, we’re kind of happy bumbling along at our own pace though.


Overblown: If there is new music on the horizon, how is it similar or different to what you’ve released so far?

Steve Myles: The new album is a bit more brooding than the last one I suppose and we’ve got plans to have a bunch of guest musicians on there. We didn’t set out in any direction with it, just holed ourselves up down at Chunk and that’s how it’s ended up.

Overblown: You’re playing ArcTanGent this year. That’s very cool. Is this your first time playing the festival? Have you been before as fans?

Steve Myles: Aye we’re proper excited about that one! We’ve been hoping to get on there for a few years but I’m sure they get tons of folks pestering to play. I’ve been wanting to get down as a punter for ages but like I said before time is pretty tight these days. Massive honour to get a slot though.

The album artwork for ‘Nature’s Champion’.

Overblown: Back to ‘Nature’s Champion’ for a moment. Who created the artwork for that release? And what was the inspiration behind it? It is very cool. Looks like a comic book version of a post-apocalyptic Earth for me.

Steve Myles: Local lad Mike Winnard put that together for us roughly based on an idea Tom (our bassist) had. Originally there was going to be a person on a raft but Mike came up with the idea of the cosmonaut helmet. He did an amazing job on it. The album is loosely themed on turning your back on technology and the anxieties of day to day life.

Overblown: What’s your favourite track from that LP? And why?

Steve Myles: That’s a tough one, I think my favourite is probably Moon Crawl. We still play that live and it’s loads of fun to lock those grooves together.


Overblown: You’re also playing StrangeForms 2019, a Leeds festival that celebrates post-rock, post-metal, and math-rock. Who should we check out from that line-up?

Steve Myles: Again it’s a massive honour to be asked to play! Stew from Bad Owl puts on some top stuff and always puts a bunch of effort in. The whole lineup is sick but I’m proper looking forward to seeing my old pals Fall of Messiah as well as Pijn, Body Hound and Svalbard.

Overblown: What’s your goal for 2019?

Steve Myles: Hopefully getting the second album finished, we’ve a few more festivals in the works so fingers crossed that all comes together. Mainly just pottering about making a racket ha.

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