Are Celebrities and Musicians Cashing in On Their Fame Ethically?

Celebrities and musical icons command a great deal of power these days. To be honest, they always did. The major difference today is that there’s a much greater opportunity for them to voice their opinions to the world without a savvy PR agent telling them to pipe down before they make a tit of themselves. Thanks to social media, the dialogue between artists and fans has got a lot more intimate. This is of course a powerful tool, and can be used to great effect. However, it can also be used to spread the kind of toxic narcissism that now seems to be infecting all those who’ve ever had an urge to bust out the self-facing camera on a smartphone. The audacity of some of our list beggars belief. Many exploit their fame to create a bigger following, or for financial gain. Meanwhile, some do it to engineer some of the most depraved situations imaginable. Oh, and occasionally, an artist decides to do something genuinely nice with their popularity.

Our list here isn’t extensive. There are plenty of other despicable individuals out there – many more poisonous that those we’ve included. These are just the names that sprang to mind during a bout of seething rage at the culture we’ve created around these noxious gasbags. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus

Miley just loves the attention, doesn’t she? Whether its pole dancing atop an ice-cream truck at the Teen Choice Awards, or publicly mocking Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, the girl seems to have little, if any class. The former Disney star regularly uses her social media presence to show the world a squeaky-clean veneer. She’ll invite fans around and bake cookies with them, all of which is clearly no more than a carefully orchestrated PR stunt. You can almost hear her agent in her ear: “Just ten minutes with this peasant, Miley. Remember, we’ve got a record coming out. Then you can get back to Hollywood with the beautiful people, and the mountains cocaine…”

She has pretty much endorsed anything that moves, and the only thing left seems to be a slot machine game. Thankfully up until now gamblers have been spared her music playing at background at the casino where you can already hear many different games that actually featured really good soundtracks, as reviewed by NodepositRewards.

In the days prior to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, would she have bothered to bring her doting followers into her own home for the afternoon? Would she f…

Ian Watkins

From the attention seeking, we turn to the absolutely sickening. We’ve all heard the story of how the frontman of disgraced Welsh rockers LostProphets used his fame to commit unimaginably vulgar acts. The magnetism felt towards him by some of his fans was so strong that he managed to convince mothers to let him abuse their children. If you don’t know the tale, have fun Googling it. I’m not going to waste another second researching, writing, or thinking about one of most vile creatures to ever grace the planet, let alone the stage. In short: F**K IAN WATKINS.

Floyd Mayweather

Whereas most boxers tend to go for a nickname that implies strength, or toughness, old Floyd just went full-narcissist. “Money” Mayweather has a long list of incidents behind him that could be described as attempting to cash in on his fame. He has his own fashion brand, he offers fighters terrible prize purses for the “privilege” of entering the ring with him. Just scroll through his Twitter feed, the guy’s a grade A tosspot.

Perhaps most questionable though was Floyd’s recent decision to enter the cryptocurrency space. Having decided he hadn’t quite enough money already, Floyd made investments in various digital tokens in the rapidly evolving fintech space. He then took to Twitter to pump the hell out of his choices. Clearly, the hype made the price of these tokens spike immediately following their release onto open exchanges. Many of his Twitter followers will have bought the very coins that Floyd almost certainly flogged at considerably more than he bought them for. Since then, the largely worthless projects he endorsed have faded back into obscurity and no doubt left many of the champion boxer’s fans with heavy losses for being foolish enough to take financial advice from a prize fighter.

Paris Hilton

Like “Money” Mayweather, Paris Hilton has had her own effort at pumping a cryptocurrency. However, she’s not taking a grilling for that particular scheme today. Besides being a self-entitled, vacuous waste of molecules whose “Daddy owns some hotels”, the professional socialite actually had the audacity to attempt to sing. There’s nothing wrong with someone enjoying belting out a tune in the shower, or even jumping on karaoke for a bit of fun. However, it becomes an issue as soon as that talentless expletive demands money in exchange for their “art”.

Auto-tuned to absolute death, and toxically over-produced, Hilton’s music has all the hallmarks of everything wrong with the music industry. Musicians used to inspire, captivate, and above all, entertain. All Paris, as she likes to be referred to when she decides she’s an “artist”, inspired was for me to entertain the idea of sedatives or a self-service lobotomy. The girl needs taking to the top of one of her father’s properties and booting off it.

They’re not all bad though

It wouldn’t be fair to lump all celebrities and musicians in with the likes of Watkins, Hilton, and Mayweather, however. Occasionally, some do something incredibly altruistic. Of course, the perpetual cynic in me says that they wouldn’t do anything for anyone if the cameras weren’t rolling. Such an outlook leads to unhealthy levels of nihilism about the futility of existence in a society made of hairless apes blankly staring into smartphones whilst clinging to a rock that’s swinging violently around a ball of cosmic flames.

There’s no doubting that Shakira has used her fame to further many good causes. The Colombian pop icon is a tireless campaigner for child welfare. As well as huge charitable donations to organisations helping infants in disadvantaged corners of the globe, she’s appeared in front of the world bank on behalf of children’s charities. Megastar of the silver screen Johnny Depp has also brightened a few kids’ days in the past too. The Hollywood A-lister assumed his former role as swashbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow. He then spent the best part of the day meeting sick children and their parents at a hospital in British Colombia.

Elsewhere, Nikki Minaj famously paid for a fan’s entire college tuition fees. The pop star responded to a desperate Tweet from a student who was working two jobs to try and afford their education. Nikki agreed to finance their time at college if they could “show [her] straight As.”

Celebrities have also caused some amazing things to happen in impoverished parts of the world. Former Premier League striker Didier Drogba used his fame to appeal to those fighting a five-year long civil war in the Ivory Coast to an end. More amazing than the footballer getting involved in the politics of his home nation, it actually worked and brought an end to the prolonged bloodshed there. Also in Africa, popstar Akon completely gave up music to bring infrastructure improvements to his home continent. The charity he founded, AkonLightingAfrica, works to bring electricity to some of the poorest people living in the poorest countries. Whilst his music might be godawful, his philanthropy is much more pleasing.